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Das Jahr 2023 geht zu Ende und wir feiern das: 

Die beste Musik, die besten Tänzer, die schönste Salsa und Bachata Silvester Party in München!

Vamos a dentro, chicos!


Heiß, heißer, Silvester 2023! Das Jahr 2023 geht zu Ende, aber unsere Hüften schwingen weiter. Die heißesten Salsa- und Bachata-Beats der Stadt schwingen uns in das neue Jahr. Der Salsa Club Munich, einer der schönsten Locations im Herzen Münchens, wartet auf Euch.


Salsa und Bachata Sensual White Silvester Gala

Wir schmeißen uns in unseren schönsten und heißesten Outfits, ganz in Weiß, und feiern bis zum Morgengrauen!

Wir haben für euch einen großartigen Silvesterabend geplant:


  • Free Pre-Party Workshop
  • Free New Year Champagne Shower
  • Best Lady Styling Show in Munich


Preis: 25 € 

Zeit: ab 20:00



Dj OBI & DJ Magda


We are thrilled to announce that DJ Obi and DJ Magda will be gracing our next party with their incredible music sets! Known for their electrifying beats and ability to keep the dance floor alive, they are ready to deliver an unforgettable night of rhythm and dance.

This Week's Special Mission: Pre-Sell 50 Tickets Online! To make this sensational party happen, we need your help. Our goal is to pre-sell 50 tickets online this week. This is not just a ticket to a great night out; it's your pass to an epic experience with two of the most dynamic DJs in the scene.

Why You Shouldn't Miss This:

  • Experience DJ Obi's unique blend of vibrant tunes that promise to energize and inspire.
  • Be captivated by DJ Magda's skillful mixes, perfectly balancing the night with her musical flair.
  • Be a part of a special night that's been crafted for dance enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

Let's Make It Happen!



Bachata Sensual Fluid Moves


Discover the art of sensual fluidity with Luigi and Steffi in their captivating Bachata Sensual workshop.

Luigi and Steffi are renowned for their mesmerizing Bachata moves that seamlessly blend passion and grace. In this exclusive workshop, they'll unveil the secrets behind their sensual choreography, guiding you to connect deeply with both the music and your dance partner.



Bachata Blind Folding Workshop: Dance with Your Heart, Not Your Eyes!


🎶 "Close your eyes and let the rhythm guide you..."


Welcome to our unique Bachata Blind Folding Workshop, an experience that promises to elevate your dance skills and deepen your connection with the music.

Why Blindfolded Bachata?
Dancing blindfolded pushes you to rely on your other senses, heightening your awareness, improving your balance, and enhancing your ability to feel the music. It's not just about the steps; it's about truly feeling each beat and connecting with your partner on a profound level.



Urban Bachata


Picture this: The pulsating rhythm of Urban beats blending seamlessly with Bachata’s sensual vibe. This week, Mathias & Klara are dropping in to whisk us away on a dance journey like no other. Dive deep into the world of Urban Bachata, where traditional meets RnB swag. Think you know all about those Bachata beats? Wait till you experience the breaks and rolls of the RnB influence! 💥🎶


Let’s redefine dance.

See you on the floor! 💃🕺



BACHATA Made In Mexico


Exciting News! 🌟


The #1 Bachata Teacher from Mexico, Ivan Bello, is making waves with his Europe Bachata Tour! 🌍 After enthralling sessions in Spain, Italy, and several other countries, he’s now heading to Germany! 🇩🇪 Catch him this Saturday at Kult for an exclusive workshop—the only one he’s conducting in Germany! 🕺💃 Don’t miss the chance to learn from the best in the Bachata world! 🎶


#BachataInGermany #ExclusiveWorkshop





Desiring a new level of finesse in your Bachata movements? Chris and Noor, straight from Nürnberg, are here to guide you in Sensual Body Movement workshops. 🕺💃

Learn to execute captivating body rolls, isolations, and interpret music in an emotionally resonant way.

Their distinct methodology offers you tools for a transformative dancing experience. 🔥🎶

Don't let this opportunity for dance growth pass you by. Mark the calendar for their next sessions. 📅


Unlock your hidden sensuality today! 🌹


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